Difficult Audiences in Powerpoint Presentations – Part 1 of 3

Control your audience

In this sample English Powerpoint presentation the first of three I talk about difficult audiences and how to deal with them.I will cover the following areas;

  1. The audience can be…
  2. If the audience is difficult you need a solution
  3. You can disarm, hand back, pass over or defer questions.

Watch the video here


  1. Create a 3 / 4 minute presentation
  2. Remember to consider everything covered in this post
  3. Instruct your audience to be difficult
  4. Do your presentation to a group (5 or more).
  5. Video your presentation
  6. Watch and review
  7. Repeat if you need to

Be sure to look out for part 2, also don’t forget to leave any comments or feedback that you may have.

Thank you


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